Election Process

DEAI Council Election Video.mp4

After the Election of 2021, we have decided to introduce a new process for the 2023 Elections based on concerns and feedback we received from staff. For any follow up questions or concerns, feel free to email Inclusion@FieldMuseum.org.

May 1-12

May 15-31

Director/Staff FAQs

Departmental Grouping Breakdown

Each grouping was determined by the Executive that oversees each of these various departments. As seen highlighted in bold, seats on the Council per grouping are based on the total number of staff in each grouping. An extra seat on the Council was given per every 50 people within each grouping (i.e. 100 total staff members, 2 seats on the Council) to ensure well-rounded representation. 

The election in May 2023 will rotate out some of the current members, particularly where there is over representation, in order to help bring more representation across all departments. We have already asked our current council to decide whether or not they will choose to stay or give up their seat. Highlighted in red we have the number of seats that will make up the current Council by the time of elections ("" indicates a member leaving), after members are rotated out. As you can see, we still have slight over representation in the departments under Thorsten and a lack of representation in the departments under Le Monte, Jaap, Charles, and Rob. If you’re in those departments, we hope you decide to join us!

There will be 2 open wild card chairs, for someone of any department to fill, so feel encouraged to run regardless of the numbers here!

Department Groupings for Representatives

Le Monte (CFO): 8 departments: 95 pp total: 2 chairs, 1 chair→0

Jaap (Head of Exhibitions):  1 department: 61 pp: 2 chairs, 1 chair→0

Thorsten (VP of S&E): 7 departments: 193 pp: 4 chairs, 7 chairs→2

Charles (VP of IA): 3 departments: 34 pp: 1 chair

Rob (CTO): 1 department: 14 pp: 1 chair

Ike (COO): 2 departments: 52 ppl: 2 chairs, 3 chairs→1

Total of 15 seats