Name Change policy

The Field Museum has adopted a policy providing all members of our community to use their chosen first name in records and communication that do not require the use of their legal first name. While we aim to best support members of our community that identify as transgender and gender non-conforming with this policy, it applies to all members of the Museum. It is available for anyone who chooses to go by their chosen first or last name–whether due to marriage or individual choice.

If an employee chooses to legally change their first and/or last name, please consult Human Resources for the proper steps to update your information in our system.

The Preferred Name Change Request Form for staff to fill out with their chosen name can be found here. This will also be used on your name tag going forward

Pronouns and name tags

All employees/volunteers are expected to wear name tags while at the museum. These name tags will include your first name (this can be either your legal or preferred name), your pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them, etc.). This allows everyone to better identify each other as well as foster a community of respect for our individual identities. Employees are able to update their preferred name and pronouns in ADP for their name tag.