Field Museum DEAI Co-Coordinators

@ #AAM2022

Launching a DEAI staff Council at the Field Museum was a yearlong process completed by Co-Coordinators Sharon Grant, Jenny Flowers, Ann Hannah, Michael Padilla, and Isabel Distefano.

This year, Sharon, Michael, and Isabel are presenting the work of the Co-coordinators and the starting Council at #AAM2022. Welcome to our page and we hope that we can help you navigate a DEAI journey at your own institution.

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Resources from Co-coordinators & Council:

AAM Poster:

Building and Sharing a Toolkit for DEAI Assessment at Your Institution

DEAI Staff Council Charters:

Draft (Left) and Ratified (Right)

Draft DEAI Staff Council Charter .docx
DEAI Staff Council Charter - Edit Copy for Council

DEAI Staff Council Structure proposal


Consolidated - DEAI Committee Structure Presentation

Phase 1 Report

Post DEAI Listening Sessions

Copy of Copy of Phase 1 Report - Post Listening Sessions.pdf

Compensation Benchmarking

DEAI Staff Council - Compensation Proposal.pdf

Council Elections:

Election Action Plan (Left) & Nomination Process (Right)

Election Committee - Action Plan.pdf
Draft DEAI Staff Council Nomination Process.pdf

Collaborative Agreements for Productive Conversations

Read aloud before every Full Council meeting

Copy of Collaborative Agreements - Council Copy .pdf